Seventh Sea

Session Two

In which Madeline goes missing

Attending the Masquerade, there was some minor interactions with new people, including Anna, who was dressed up like a Fate Witch, which scared Zio.

L'Imperateur introduced Madeline to all of the nobles in attendance, though she was looking more and more distracted and distant. When it was time for her to appear to perform her new composition for l'Imperateur, she was nowhere to be found.

Sleuthing discovered that she'd run from her rooms and left the Chateau. Tracking her into the sewers, the party was assaulted by gross sludge, and a few sewer spiders with painful bites, before finally seeing Madeline in an ancient Syrneth room. Unfortunately, there was a rather large collection of sewer hunters, the People of Pegre, between them and her.



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