Madeline Prevoye



Madeline has been described as slight of build, on the smaller side of average height. From a distance, she was mistaken for being a few years younger than her actual 16 years. Like a master vintner looking at a crop of grapes, it is quite obvious that Madeline will be a stunningly attractive woman when she grows to maturity.

When she’s fully present and engaged, she’s a bundle of charming personality, almost impeccably likable. However, she’s often consumed by her compositions and appears distracted and distant.

She knows that she has a tremendous talent for music, but remains modest and slightly uncomfortable at praise.

Her recent rescue has left her with a bit of hero worship for Isabella and Zio. Her regard for Facana is not far behind, but they flashed swords all around her, and she was completely unharmed.

Madeline Prevoye

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