Duc Victor Leveque d'Aur


Victor Leveque, patriarch of the Leveque d’Aur family, is known for his icy demeanor and skill with his saber and pistol.

The Leveque War College has long been famed for turning out some of the greatest soldiers in Montaigne history. At the heart of this fabled academy lies the Leveque family itself, whose military history is just as long and illustrious as the college’s. A Leveque has led every successful incursion into Avalon, and the peasants believe that the family possesses some sort of charm against the Sidhe Glamour that pervades that island.

As a reward for their victories, the King of Montaigne at the time granted them their land, tax-free, in perpetuity. Thus, their name is d’Aur, not du Aur, signifying that they are not of the land, but that they are the land.

Duc Victor Leveque d'Aur

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