Basic information:

Façana is the orphaned daughter of a Carleon merchant sailor and an herbalist.  She is half-Avalonian and half-Castillian. Currently, she is a traveling herbalist and doctor who often attempts to set up donation-based clinics in whatever town or city she finds herself in. Façana is also a vocal advocate for a woman's right to be educated.

Detailed information:

Façana Lorweth


  • Isabelle: Current best friend and traveling companion. Façana has come to count on Isabelle's skills and loves being in Belle's company.
  • Zio: Is a new friend and a trusted assistant in her medical practice. Façana values Zio knowledge and discussion on herbal and scientific matters. She is also happy to have a friend she can discuss issues of faith with, and is intrigued by Zio's mission that could result in the expulsion of Cardinal Verdugo.


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