A proud and confident horse-seller.


  • Laron approached Isabelle to issue a duel on his behalf against Gaston. Their interaction seemed cordial and professional.
  • After the duel, Laron came to Façana's clinic in the inn to get himself and Gaston patched up.

Current Connection/Feelings to PCs:
Laron is grateful toward Isabelle for issuing the challenge to Gaston, so that he could defend the honor of his good name as a businessman.

A man of average height, but broad of chest. He looks like a durable mutton-head. However, his quick and effusive smile quickly wins over most people he has dealings with.

Laron is a horse-seller in Charouse. He fought a duel against Gaston to defend his honor against accusations that he was not an honest businessman, which he did successfully. Laron and Gaston are planning to now buy a horse together.


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