Basic information: Scarby is a life-long pirate/privateer, but after his last crew was devoured by a mysterious monster on the high seas that left him the lone survivor, he is on a quest for vengeance.

Detailed information: Scarby is an Avalonian man in his mid 40s that looks older than his years. He wears his salt & pepper hair shortly cropped, almost to the scalp, with mutton chop sideburns that reach the corners stern and thin-lipped mouth. His skin is wrinkled and weathered from many days spent on the high seas. A flintlock pistol and knife are stowed in sashes, some of them exotic and colorful, and hemp belts around his waist that keep up plain trousers. His short, salt damaged boots can easily be kicked off and is just as comfortable barefoot. A patched, linen shirt covers his torso with baggy sleeves that end at the elbows.


  • Everyone is "son" or "lad" or "lass" to him. He also has a difficult time taking anything anyone says seriously if they are younger than him.
  • He often grumbles and mutters under his breath about his various aches and pains (which he doesn't have).
  • When he loses his temper, he spits and yells incoherently.
  • He is deeply superstitious and also hates and fears magic.

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