Façana Lorweth

Intelligent, Adaptable, Righteous, Caring, Passionate


Façana has dark, nearly black hair, that when worn loose comes down to her shoulders. Typically, Façana keeps her hair pinned up to the point that her hair often appears that it is close cropped. This is so that her hair stays out of the way during scientific investigations and medical examinations. When she allows her hair to fall in loose waves it comes down to her shoulders, which mirrors the style that is worn by many male adventurers currently. Façana does carry an assortment of ribbons and clips that can be used to put her hair up in a variety of manners for whenever a social occasion calls for it. No matter the light Façana’s hair always seems to have a healthy and attractive silky shine to it that men and women alike admire.

Façana is tall enough at 5’8” (and lacking enough in curves) that in male clothing she can often initially pass as a young man of slight build and above average height. She sometimes uses cosmetics to ensure that her complexion tends more towards the Avalonian half of her heritage. Her deep brown eyes, however, are an unalterable characteristic that speaks to her Castillian heritage.


Façana is the orphaned daughter of a Carleon merchant sailor and an herbalist. Her father, Robert Lorweth, was the last surviving member of his family. For the whole of her life Façana’s only family were her father and her mother, Andressa. Her mother would tell her stories of her family in Zepada, back in Castille, but they have been estranged ever since Andressa decided to marry a foreigner over the family’s arranged choice.

Façana lost her father in 1661, when he was lost at sea while returning on a trade run. Her mother passed in 1666 when an outbreak of influenza ripped through the port town of Pomitain, where Façana and her mother had relocated to after Carleon became too expensive to live in after Robert’s death. Despite her mother’s considerable knowledge of medicine, she was unable to save herself, despite helping many members of the community.

Shortly after her mother’s death, Façana decided to try to track down members of her mother’s estranged family and arranged to have herself smuggled into Castille on the Maiden’s Head. There she became fond of the captain Quinn O’Toole, as well as met the insufferable, but competent Scarby. She was initially dropped at San Juan, and made her way across Occupied Castille to San Teodoro. Along the way she had no luck finding any of her mother’s family. In San Teodoro, tired of slogging across the countryside, set up a free clinic to help the refuge Castillians. While there she met Isabelle, when she stitched up the swordswoman. The two became fast friends and have spent the last 6 months traveling together across Occupied Castille and in Charouse. They had to keep on the mood as the Inquisition, angry local men, the Montaigne army, and various persons under the employ of Isabelle’s family.

In Charouse, the two have settled into a consistent rhythm that comes with running a free clinic out of a room at an inn within the city. There they met Zio, who has become a boon companion, as well as an occasional assistant to Façana during her medical practices.

Additional Notes:
Publishing and Rivalry with Dr. Pastor
The name Façana Lorweth first appeared in the Avalonian press in 1664 in the form of an article about the cultivation and medicinal uses of a root from the Crescent Empire called turmeric. She has been an active publisher of academic articles about botanicals, medical practices, the benefits of universal education, and a woman’s right to be educated. One of her fiercest critics in the papers is Dr. Luis Pastor, who advocates for a science only approach to medicine, not a mixed “folk-wifery and superstition in equal parts with her remedial application of modern medical theories.” Façana also suspects that Dr. Pastor has chosen to single her out more from a wish to discredit her equality arguments more than her medical ones. Façana continues to publish as she has time, and the means to send her writings to her contact in Carleon.

Façana loves caprese salads (she tries to eat a vegetarian diet). She will go to great lengths to procure the ingredients or find an establishment at which she can eat it. She also loves discovering new and novel things about the natural world (she has a special fondness for river dells and river bluffs), as well as teaching others about it. Façana also seems to have a soft spot for, and a rather in depth knowledge of, brocade silk gowns.

Façana absolutely cannot stand hardboiled eggs (while she chooses not to eat meat, she remembers the appeal). They make her feel nauseous and in most cases she will skip a meal rather than eat them. Façana is not a fan of horses and will go to great lengths to avoid being near them. She also does not care for much of the urbanization that is occurring in many countries and will occasionally lament or speak out against the lack of green in a city.

Façana strives for the day that all women, common and noble, will be afforded the same opportunities to improve themselves through education. Façana believes that learning can level the playing field amongst gender and classes.

Façana’s deepest love is discovering new things about the natural world around her. This ranges from new uses of a common herb to seeing rare flora and fauna. Her favorite places are the dells and bluffs that can be found along some rivers. If the world was ever a place she felt she could retire from, Façana would build herself a little cottage overlooking some dells with an herb and vegetable garden. Helping and teaching those who could find her, but otherwise living a peaceful life with nature.

When Façana gets really upset, her accent starts to move towards that of Torres Castillian and Castillian slang words start to creep into her regular Avalonian accented speech.

When encountering a new “natural wonder” will automatically pull out a journal and start to sketch and jot down observations about what she is seeing. This is sometimes done at entirely inappropriate times.

Can easily be routed into a tangential rant about her scientific rival in the Avalonian press Dr. Luis Pastor.

Important Things Adam Should Keep In Mind When Planning Stories

  • Façana has a scientific rival (though mostly in the editorials) of Dr. Luis Pastor. It is a 1 point background.
  • Façana has a 2 point True Identity background that came up during the future draw on her fate spread, but has already been incorporated in one way into her current character. Encounters with Avalonians or Castillians from certain backgrounds or regions could create some uncomfortable social situations for Façana.
  • Façana has a mysterious (2/2) patron who keeps sending money to her through various and anonymous messangers signed “P”, but with no specific requests regarding Façana’s agendas, work, studies, or publications at this point.
  • Façana has the Righteous hubris. In certain situations, you make her convinced the ends will justify the means.

Façana Lorweth

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