Short and slender redheaded swordswoman. A bit reckless and will not tolerate anyone's women degrading bullshit.


Mechanical bits:

  • Lightning Reflexes: Interrupt actions used for an active defense only cost one action die.
  • Swordsmen school: Gallegos
  • Apprentice: Free raise when parrying with a fencing weapon. When holding an action, raise the number on the die by 1.

Isabelle grew up in the Rivera lesser noble house. She is the daughter of Gabriel and Sofia. While growing up she spent a lot of her time either at school, or with her mother and her mother’s father, Carlos. Isabelle did well in school, especially in history. As she studied though, it bothered her that she could not find many, if any, women in various parts of history. She knew she was going to change this and make a name for herself, it was just a matter of how.

Sofia spent most of her days taking care of the house and children, while Gabriel was out taking care of noble’s duties. Isabelle was always “helping” her mother whenever it was time to cook dinner, and as the years went by, started actually helping, picking up some of her mother’s recipes in the process. The rest of her free time was spent with her grandfather practicing sword fighting. Ever since she was little Isabelle showed interest any time her grandfather would practice. As Carlos caught on to this interest, he started showing Isabelle some basics in her early teen years. Promising to teach her more when she is older. Gabriel did not care for this at all and would try to interfere with the training whenever possible.

Shortly before Isabelle’s 18th birthday, when her grandfather was going to begin teaching her more swordplay, he never returned home after leaving to take care of some swordsman’s responsibilities. There were times where he would return a few days late, but after a week Isabelle and Sofia and her sisters started to fear the worst. Two weeks later, Carlos’ sword was delivered to their home and everyone was devastated… except Gabriel. Isabelle did not believe her grandfather was dead. Shortly afterwards Gabriel started bringing suitors for Isabelle. Isabelle then knew it was time to leave. After entertaining her father for a couple months, coming up with reasons not to marry each suitor, she had gathered up enough money and belongings to make her escape. One night while her father was out late, Isabelle said goodbye to her mother and sisters, promising to return one day. She grabbed everything she had been stashing away, took her grandfather’s sword, and made her way south.

Isabelle’s priority after leaving was to make her way into Gallegos to the swordsman school that her grandfather frequently spoke of. When she arrived they would not let her in, but after mentioning Carlos’ name they gave her a chance. Isabelle did not disappoint. With the basics down from years of training with Carlos, she quickly moved on to other techniques. As time went on, they grew to think of Isabelle as family. Almost a year later, they learned Gabriel had hired men to bring Isabelle back home. Knowing they had caught on to Isabelle’s trail they sent her further south to catch a boat somewhere else. When Gabriel’s men reached the swordsman school, the swordsman distracted them and kept them as long as they could to give Isabelle as much of a head start as possible, without fighting.

Isabelle found herself on a boat to the other side of Castille, currently occupied by Montaigne. All she had keeping her going, was her promise to her family, and a hope that her grandfather was still somewhere out there. She knew she would need to get stronger though. She joined the swordsman guild and started taking on jobs to train and supplement her taken wealth. She knew what she took from home would not last her forever, so she stashed it away and only lived off of what she could make.

After a duel gone bad, she found herself waking up in the care of Facana Lorweth with some pretty serious wounds. At first Isabelle refused to talk unless absolutely necessary for Facana to treat her wounds, but after a while of Facana just talking to Isabelle, with or without Isabelle responding, Isabelle began to open up. The two of them became fast friends after that. Once Isabelle was well enough to travel again, she didn’t want to travel alone anymore. Facana and Isabelle agreed to travel together and started to make their way north. They stopped in towns and villages and occasionally cities. Facana tried to do some good with either helping injured and sick folk, or trying to teach womenfolk their worth and potential. The latter getting the two of them run out of town on more than one occasion. Isabelle helped in her own way, usually cooking and tending to the sick/injured in the ways she could. Sometimes she would help by fending off bandits or wildlife. Isabelle never let the two stay in one area for long, for fear of her father’s hired men catching up to her.

Eventually the two made their way into Montaigne and to the city of Charouse. There, they set up Facana’s clinic within an inn/tavern called The Chocolate Bunny (or the ChoBit for short) and Isabelle found work in the kitchen to help pay for their rooms. (Queue story events starting)


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