Scarborough "Scarby" Foster


Summary: Scarby is a life-long pirate/privateer, but after his last crew was devoured by a mysterious river monster that left him the lone survivor, he is on a quest for vengeance.

Appearance: Scarby is a short and stocky Avalonian man in his mid 40s, but who looks older than his years. He wears his salt & pepper hair shortly cropped with mutton chop sideburns that reach the corners of a stern and thin-lipped mouth. His skin is wrinkled and weathered from many days spent on the high seas. Two flintlock pistols and knife are stowed in sashes, some of them exotic and colorful, and hemp belts around his waist that keep up plain trousers. His short, salt damaged boots can easily be kicked off for climbing and swimming, and he is just as comfortable barefoot. A patched, linen shirt covers his torso with baggy sleeves that end at the elbows. For the cold weather, he wears a dusky blue great coat that reaches just past his knees and a black tricorn hat.


Until recently, Scarby made his life at sea. Orphaned at a young age, Scarby has worked every job on a ship from cabin boy to swab to boatswain to quartermaster (but never an officer). He served on both legitimate merchant vessels and pirate ships, even a brief stint with the notorious Scurvy Dogs. In his long career he has fought and bled, drank and sang, and loved and lost. His seagoing days came to an abrupt end a little over 2 months ago after his ship was attacked by a river monster, from which he was the lone survivor. Scarby has sworn vengeance against the beast and has vowed to avenge his crew.

Scarborough "Scarby" Foster

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