Fabrizio 'Zio' d'Amico Ragno de Rozzano

Faithful Vodacce hero


Zio is a Vodacce hero. Growing up and orphan, he got into a number of scrapes and scraps, until entering the service of the Bernoulli family as a servant at age 13. He spent several years in the retinue of Augustin and Dominic during their travels to the crescent, facing many tests of his faith and skill. Deeply religious, he has recently come into the orbit of the Prince himself, through a chance encounter with the Cardinal Ciosa and after 2 years of training has begun to quietly serve the two men directly.

Zio was most recently tasked with a journey through Montaigne, where he met Fa├žana and Isabelle in Charouse. Finding common purpose in serving the people at Content Not Found: fa-ana-lorweth_ clinic, it was while the three were outside the city gathering supplies that providence allowed them to rescue _Content Not Found: madeline-provoye from the clutches of Jean. Zio was moved to pity after Isabelle’s blow, and left him with 10 guilders.

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Fabrizio 'Zio' d'Amico Ragno de Rozzano

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